Mantra letter

Hello Mr. Tort,

Raised profoundly as a Catholic, today I am convinced that it is not enough to leave the religion of our parents. Liberation will need us to burn down worldwide all Christian churches to the ground. Such is my inspiration and mentality in the struggle for our survival.


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  1. What happened to the immense Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

    It was built near Ephesus in the 6th century BCE over an area considered sacred since, at least, the Bronze Age. Its construction took 120 years and it could be said that it was comparable to a cathedral.

    Saint John Chrysostom and his henchmen flattened it in 401, following a Christian emperor’s edict. The stones were used for a tomb and a bath-house and a cross was raised on the spot where Diana’s statue had stood (what remains today of the temple can be seen: here).

    1. Quite sad that it was Goths who had destroyed it before Christians. I wonder whether the fact that they were Arian had something to do with it? Were those Germanics of the Sarmatian steppe already corrupted? Or do barbarians not care for the beauty of stone buildings?

      1. According to Rome VS Judea, the Goths were basically in the hands of a Christian elite and let loose. I cannot remember exactly which chapter, but I do believe it is towards the end.

      2. Don’t you confuse two different periods? Do you mean the Gothic revolts of the 4th century? Because Ephesos was raided a hundred years earlier, by the Black and Marmara Seas, back when Goths lived in Ukraine.

      3. IIRC from the sources cited in this site, it was the Christians who destroyed the temple of Artemis. Blond Goths did not hate the architecture or the sculptures. Only the Semitic Christians did out of inferiority complex and exterminationist envy.

  2. I personally do not believe that dealing with Christianity in such a forceful, anti-Christian manner will have the desired effect. And modern history backs me up in this (consider the massacres of Christians during the Bolshevist period in the former USSR for a modern example). In the immortal words of Princess Leia Organa: „The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.“ (And, yes, I know Carrie Fisher was a jewess)

    Instead of this iron-fisted approach, one that would be uber-violent, wasteful of non-expendable White lives, and doomed to failure… I strongly hold the opinion that Adolf Hitler arrived at the proper approach in dealing with the C.Q.: By projecting pre-Christian tribal symbolism and ideals back into the public psyche with very public (and very amazing) ritualistic displays, heavy on symbolism, and by injecting tribalism and a proper appreciation for nature (and natural order) into German academia. In only a few years, a sizable percentage of the German population, for all intents and purposes, leaned heavily towards being (at least subconsciously and implicitly) Pagan.

    With the right government in place, what Hitler began, with the transmutation of the German Christian bent into an appreciation and alignment with ancient Germanic Pagan roots, can be accomplished in full. It will take time, patience, persistence and a careful fostering of Aryan pride back into our people’s minds.

    1. consider the massacres of Christians during the Bolshevist period

      Many of those perps were Jews. But we are talking about the opposite situation here: the fantasy to exterminate all Judeo-Christians for pro-Aryan purposes.

      Yes: Hitler was right. With millions and millions of whites being still Christians, it’s better the gradualist approach.

      But Albus’ fantasy is legit: If we had Karellen-like powers, we would force whites to cross the psychological Rubicon immediately, with no need of stagnating for ages on the stepping stones at the middle of the river (what white nationalists are precisely doing).

      1. „Many of those perps were Jews.“

        Yes, I knew this already, bud. My apologies for not including it in my post, but I assumed everyone here graduates of Jew-101.

        „But we are talking about the opposite situation here: the fantasy to exterminate all Judeo-Christians for pro-Aryan purposes….But Albus’ fantasy is legit…“

        I was unaware that we were talking about a „fantasy“, C.T. I thought Albus was expressing his actual inspiration and mentality, per his own words, so quite naturally I expressed mine in the same vein.

    2. After 1945, Christianity has shown its true colours like at no other point in history. Being blind to that cannot be a part of any sane ideology. The Führer might be excused precisely because it’s that one feature of NS that has to be modified to be up with the times.

      I’d also add to that distastefully vicious anti-feminism. That’s where I agree with Spahn Ranch – Islam is a better inspiration than NS in this area.

      1. Actually, my inspiration is Jane Austen’s novels, that I have not read! But do watch the films P&P and S&S: By forcing women to get married (as they cannot inherit property) patriarchal values are automatically restored.

  3. certainly the government must own the media and the internet and the phones systems. asking a lot with the jews owning worldwide media supply chains. any intrusion of any kind will preciptate a reaction the ugliness and violence of i can’t imagine. these fukers won’t have it any other way. and so c.t.’s „army of one“ strategy entices, and yet my gut instincts of it being phantastically beyond the abilites and capabilites of single individuals prevent me from getting motivated.

    1. „Astronomer Royal Martin Rees warned earlier this century, ‘’My concern is not only organised terrorist groups, but individual weirdos with the mindset of the people who now design computer viruses.’“

      More at: HERE