The day Covington died

bby C. W.

The second blot [pagan Mass] I attended was on the following month in July [of 2018]. I had returned from Seattle only the previous week, where Harold Covington must have unexpectedly died only yards away from me. [1]

I therefore honoured Covington’s memory during the remembrance ritual and then in conversations after the ceremony, and did my best to let the other male participants aware of The Base’s existence and how they could get involved with it.

By the time I returned a couple of hours later I found no reply. The following day when I met up with Norman Spear at around 6pm at a greasy diner close to Bremerton docks I had still not received any reply and neither had Norman, despite having obtained a cell phone number purporting to be Covington’s personal line.

I have therefore deduced that Covington must have died between late morning and around 2pm on Tuesday July 17th Pacific Time.

Although I was keen to meet Harold Covington I was actually there to meet Norman Spear and to see The Homeland (just one of the many regions of the Western World which the Balk-Right has designated as a likely venue for hosting a White Ethno-State post collapse).

During the meeting we discussed Norman’s project, ‘The Base’. A location in the United States which offers legal paramilitary CQB (close quarter combat), and tactical firearms training, aimed specifically at young White Nationalist and National Socialist men.

If you the reader are interested to know more about this project then you can find The Base’s Twitter page here.


[1] The reason why I believe this to be so is because after Covington’s death was announced, Andy Donner let me know that the last email communication they had received from him was late morning on the 17th. I had been corresponding with Covington the previous evening as late as midnight and my ferry from Seattle arrived in Bremerton at approximately 1pm. I sent an email to Covington at around 1:50pm and went for a walk to survey Bremerton.