Wolfie & Gal

This comment of mine in another thread—:

When I said above that men were pro-natalism I had in mind that we think with our cock: we’re hard-wired to fuck Little Red Riding Hoods. Regarding women’s anti-natalism, I had in mind the millions of spoiled brats who have aborted white babies or who use contraception pills.

Contraception must be forbidden in an ethno-state, as the ultimate goal would be to conquer the whole world for the Aryans (10 babies per white family will be the norm).

—reminded me one of my favourite paintings in Carl Jung’s Man and His Symbols, painted by a patient under analysis. Note how the blond gal makes a signal with her hand begging wolfie to stop! Red symbolizes our lust and the purity of the blue means that women are hard-wired with ten percent of our sexual drive, or even less.

According to the author of that chapter in Jung’s compilation, a woman, ‘the green, mandala-like flower acts as a link between the opposing sides’ (Man and His Symbols, Anchor Press, 1988, page 294).