The meme that’s triggering lefties

For an explanation of the NPC meme see: here. (I’m old fashioned so I still prefer the Orwellian doubleplusgood duckspeaker that means the same.)

The meme originated on the messaging board 4chan: ‘I have a theory that there are only a fixed quantity of souls on planet Earth… However, since the human growth is so severe, the souless extra walking piles around us are NPCs, or ultimate normalfags, who automously follow group think and social trends in order to appear convincingly human’.

Examples of NPCs would be: all left-wing political parties, all MSM sources, all of Hollywood, all of the music industry, all celebrities (except Trump), all late night talk shows and all TV in general.

There are hundreds of NPC memes but I find this one particulatly hilarious. It portrays Canada perfectly.