The price

What is wrong with white nationalism? Simple: They do not give due credit to the most heroic awakening of the white race in modern history, the Third Reich. Listen for example what, in his most recent interview, Jared Taylor said about the Nazi burning of books (here). Similar pronouncements can be heard despising or simply ignoring Nazis from several main figures in the movement.

The fact that they don’t give credit to National Socialism betrays the pygmy stature of the character of most white nationalists compared to the character of the Teutons when my parents were young. It is impossible to become a winner beside them. We need a new generation of Aryans that leave all neo-Christianity and Americanism behind. And the same can be said about the Europeans of today—even about Faye, who died a week ago. What’s the point of saying this (‘Today we need more than morality. We need hypermorality, the Nietzschean ethics of difficult times’) while Faye participated, as an actor, in pornographic films when he was young?

We need a new generation of Aryans who love Hitler and hate the mythical Jesus. That is the price to save the white race from the danger of extinction: stop worshiping the non-existent god of the Jews and love the existing Aryan who tried to save you all.