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by Jack Frost A worldview is not a mere passive view, an act of looking at something, which might be suggested from the word, but actually a game plan for shaping it. Christianity is the religion of whites and Christianity promotes an anti-racist worldview, which means that, with rare exceptions that were vigorously suppressed, the…

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The Great Metaphysician!

This passage of the collection of Jungian essays, Man and his Symbols, page 257—: “In Chirico’s work, man is deprived of his soul; he becomes a manichino, a puppet without a face (and therefore without consciousness). In the various versions of his Great Metaphysician, a faceless figure is enthroned on a pedestal made of rubbish.…

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Painting of the day: Giorgio de Chirico Melanconia
 ~ 1912 Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art

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