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Negroes & English roses

  I wrote the following article three years ago:   “I’ve never seen a real nigger, only in pictures.” “Lucky you! That was kind of the idea behind the Revolution, sweetie, so you wouldn’t have to see one.” said Jenny. Freedom’s Sons, page 579   As I said in a comment of my “parting word,”…

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W. B. Yeats

“Puritanical anti-Europe has become exactly what it set out to become: New Zion,” wrote Sebastian Ronin a couple of years ago referring to the US. Regular visitors of this site know that from my point of view the etiology of white decline is, in order of importance: (1) materialism, (2) Christian ethics and (3) Jewish…

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Grand Orc of the Crap Arts!

It is true that the video-series by Roger Scruton (“Why Beauty Matters”) and Scott Burdick (“The Banishment of Beauty”) expose today’s charlatanism in the Art world. But both series are marred by the constant presence of non-whites. We need an identical message but this time filmed by someone like Craig Bodeker. This said, what Scruton and…

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