The word „racism“

“Racist is a control word for Whites.”


The critique of language is the most radical of all critiques. If we don’t uproot from our vocabulary the Newspeak of the anti-Western societies—keep in mind that when all great European civilizations were at their apex the word “racism” did not exist—, we won’t even be able to start discussing the issues. More specifically, as long as “racism” is seen as the ultimate evil, to challenge this nonsensical view the white individual should awaken to the fact that races are real biological entities, displaying real physical and mental differences. To awake the white person from the illusions surrounding the word “racism” it is imperative to do a critique of—:

The Newspeak in today’s West

Some linguists have argued that language is rhetoric, and that humans commit a fatal mistake in believing that, if a group of people use a word in all seriousness, it means that something real exists behind it.

“Newspeak” is propagandistic language characterized by neologism, euphemism, circumlocution, and the inversion of customary meanings. According to anti-Bolshevist George Orwell, the objective of Newspeak is social control. While Orwell’s focus was a hard totalitarian dystopia, presently the word “racism” is ubiquitously used in soft totalitarian societies.

Let us refer to an ideology that, in contrast to Bolshevism, triumphed and imposed its Newspeak for centuries.

The fourth century of the Common Era, during the reign of Theodosius, witnessed the consolidation of power of the bishops in the Roman Empire after the premature death of Julian the Apostate. Those unconverted to the new religion, that in the times of Julian enjoyed special protection, became second-class citizens. A new word was coined, “pagan” to label the adept of the millenarian Hellenic culture. Once created the Newspeak those stigmatized as “pagans”—and especially the “heretics”—were persecuted more zealously than the “pagan” persecutions of Christians in times of Decius and Diocletian. Only by these means the new theocracy succeed in brainwashing all westerners.

A virus for the white mind

The Roman Empire collapsed after the creation of this Newspeak. But as we shall see later in this book, some thinkers and pan-Germanic politicians have noted that Christianity was only the Bolshevism of the ancient world.

In the century when we were born, although white nationalists commonly attribute the term racism to Leon Trotsky, according to Immanuel Geiss the pejorative use of the term by the Left originated in Germany in the 1920s as criticism of National Socialism. The next decade the term “racism” reappeared in an American anti-fascist pamphlet, and the ethno-suicidal meme spread out like wildfire among unsuspecting whites.

If we translate the term back to Oldspeak—just as “pagan” only really meant the usual adept of classical culture—we will see that “racism” is a code word for “pro-white.” Alas, it has become a term that inadvertently induces guilt feelings within the white psyche: an artificial complex imposed upon the absolutely normal ethnic interests of the Aryan.

Detecting this psyop, the epithet “racist” together with the many other epithets, is priority number one in the process of de-brainwashing whites. Besides the most obvious words (“Islamophobe,” “xenophobe,” “homophobe,” etc.), below appears a short sample of Newspeak terms translated back to Oldspeak:

“Affirmative action” – Blacks stealing our jobs.

“Anti-Semitism” – The belief by gentiles that Jews may be criticized like any other group.

“Civil rights” – Untermenschen and spoiled white women have more rights than Übermenschen in the New World Order.

“Diversified workforce” – Much fewer white males are to be hired or promoted.

“Disadvantaged” – Unqualified and can’t speak English or French, so give them money.

“Equal treatment and opportunity” – Fewer opportunities for white people.

“Historic grievances” – White people ended slavery, human sacrifice in the American continent and cannibalism in tribal societies.

“Homophobia / gay bashing” – The healthy revulsion by Lot for Sodomite or Gomorrahite behavior.

“Human Rights Commissions” – Inquisitions denying free speech. Thought Police that enforces liberal political doctrine.

“Immigration” – Race replacement. Genocidal levels of immigration.

“Interracial relationship” – White women having non-white babies. Also called racial engineering or soft genocide of white people.

“Misogynist” – Anyone who disagrees with the racially-suicidal empowerment of the feminists.

“Multicultural enhancement” – Destroy all European cultures.

“Politically correct” – Fines and/or jail for anybody not liberal and following the New World Order.

“Respect and tolerance” – Surrender. “Tolerance” for millions of immigrants means demographic genocide for whites.

„Culture of Hate“ – Anything pro-white.

“Woman’s choice” – Abortion and genocide of millions of white babies.

Be warned! The first step that a dissident of the anti-white regime should take is to reject the System’s Newspeak, the words that anesthetize our understanding and debase our self-image.

8 Replies on “The word „racism“

  1. I imagine in the hopefully not-so distant future, historians from the White Ethnostate will spend the entirety of their academic careers studying and trying to fully comprehend this unprecedented culture of control we live under.

    It has many names: Hollywood, „Western Culture“, political correctness, multiculturalism.

    The West had already reached a terminal stage when “what’s on T.V.?” became a habitual and constant question among the masses.

    Yet ultimately it is impossible to encompass the enemy’s culture in one all defining definition. It is a strange synthesis of human psychology, rampant in-built moral assumptions by its producers, and sustained by the simple human desire for conformity.

    As Stalin once said „quantity has a quality of its own,“ of which Western thought-control has taken upon as a fundamental tenet. The dissemination of culture has reached torrential level of output, likely growing exponentially by advancements in digital technology, and has long been a kind of white noise in our everyday lives. Constant yet subtle, it drowns us in its presence as we slowly acclimate and become desensitized to things that may have once disgusted us. Heck, it desensitizes things our ancestors once would have killed over out of pure principle. It is powerful, so powerful we become fearful, even aggressive, when something threatens to dampen our white noise of the West. Ultimately it is a fear of the unknown and unfamiliar.

    I think White Nationalists are too quick to forget their „dream“ phase in their past life. Once a WN has awakened from the matrix, he seems to forget what it was like to be originally plugged in. He forgets that, likely not so long ago, he was as relatively brainwashed as the run-of-the-mill Joe six-pack he supposedly so despises.

    I believe this is why White Nationalists have such difficulties making inroads into the wider population. Once we’ve liberated ourselves, it becomes near impossible to relate with the culture at large. Our languages, thought processes, outlooks become racialized in a world where Whites have been thoroughly deracinated.

    I give credit where credit is due. No apparatus of thought culture has been as powerful and unique as that employed by the Zionist West. Towards the dying days of the Soviet Union, citizens became bored of their propaganda, and farther and farther along found it irrelevant in their everyday lives. It shows the power, and necessity, in having a powerful myth and culture standing behind a Nation. The Soviets shrugged their shoulders when their empire collapsed, a fascinating and rapid change in outlook when they had a mere few decades back sacrificed themselves by the millions to save their Socialist State during the Great War. I am waiting to see the days when White America reacts in such a way to the death of their Nation, but we face a foe much more cunning and formidable than any propaganda ministry in Moscow.

  2. The reason to me that the White Nationalists haven’t made more of an inroad to the broader white community is we are to fragmented.

    Our people have a racial concience just that they are disconnected & must be brought under one banner.

    How many groups on the right recognized the jew zionists as a threat? Plenty only some are cruder & lack the racial sophistication. All who hate our common enemy should be welcomed into our tent.

    I think we souldn’t be to cerebral about the battle to come. Pragmatism helps to get whatever has to be done, done… Whether we agree or not as long as the enemy is the same.

    The soldiers running & shooting there way through a village don’t have to like each other or agree on anything just the common enemy.

  3. That’s why its important to say „kikes and niggers“ because language must be free to express ideas, which are supreme to the feelz of the hereby aformentioned. Open (or push if you prefer) the overton window, good sirs, and find your freedom in using words in a truly „liberal“ sense.