On the need to undemonize Hitler



What the media has concealed about WW2:

1.- The best-kept secret of our times!:
The Holocaust perpetrated on Germans

2.- The Second World War


On the need to undemonize Hitler:

3.- Best essays on Hitler

4.- Hitler in his own words—his table talks


Informal comments in the blogosphere:

5.- Anglo-Saxons and Hitler

6.- What Nazi Germany tried to prevent


What the media has concealed about the “holocaust”:

7.- Irmin Vinson’s must-read articles about the holocaust

8.- An unheard of Holocaust perpetrated by Bolshevik Jews


On Himmler and National Socialism:

9.- Himmler’s worldview

10.- Rockwell: A National Socialist life

(This last article mentions a series of dreams—real dreams while
sleeping—by an American, which explain the Hitler avatar we
chose for this site.)


4 Replies on “On the need to undemonize Hitler

  1. Thank you for your philosophy. Now we have moonscaped the region of babylon, the cradle of civilization. We have honeytrapped 1 million arabs into german where they will be dismembered and used as fertilizer. Thanks a lot for you awesome contribution to eurasian stability and demography. maybe learn from this guy [link]